Our partners get more value from our Building Solutions Group. In addition to extraordinary customer service, BSG partners receive exclusive growth-driving opportunities designed to help their company succeed.*

*The MasterWorks program is not available in Australia at this time.
MasterWorks Partnership

MasterWorks partnership programs involve merchandising tools to support brand growth, growth programs that incentivize product bundling, and communication programs that continually push solutions to our customers.

At the heart of MasterWorks is our talented team of educators that provide comprehensive in-field product and application training. We know that customer satisfaction starts with customer knowledge, and that’s the primary target of our trainings. MasterWorks education runs deeper than just in-field training. We have a comprehensive education catalog available for online training, with many of the programs providing professional continuing education units. Whether they simply want to keep their skills fresh or would like to learn a new application to add to their business, MasterWorks Training gives them the tools they need to succeed. And when coordinated through our MasterWorks Support Program, applicators can enter MasterWorks Training at no cost.

MasterWorks Design + Specification

It’s never too early to involve ICP in your build. Our MasterWorks Design + Specification team helps partners starting as early as the pre-construction phase. We can help strategically identify and specify the right coating, adhesive, and sealant solutions for the project. This increases productivity and cuts (or minimizes) waste, which translates into a huge savings opportunity for our partners.

MasterWorks Field Services

When you’re an ICP partner, we do whatever it takes to help you succeed. That includes the added value of MasterWorks Field Services. From technical assistance and field support to inspection and warranty help, MasterWorks Field Services is there whenever— and wherever — they are needed. Our Field Services Specialists can be immediately reached by phone, email, or you can request to have them on-site to help with anything from manufacturer’s technical support to full engineering support.