COVID-19 PTO Questions:

If I am quarantined for COVID-19 related reasons, will I have to use my PTO to take time off?

  • If you are required to be quarantined for COVID-19 related reasons, ICP will pay you for up to 14 days, and it will not count against your current PTO balance.

My childcare option is no longer available due to shut downs.  Do I have to use PTO?

  • If you are unable to come to work due to a loss of childcare as a result of schools or daycares, being shut down, use our PTO per the standard PTO policy. Per policy, employees can borrow up to 40 hours of PTO. If an employee is already at a negative (-40) hours or more, then they will need to take unpaid time off.

I haven’t been feeling well but have not been diagnosed with or tested for COVID-19.  What should I do?

  • If the employee exhibits symptom of coronavirus or witnesses another employee with symptoms notify HR and or EHS immediately, please handle in a confidential nature.

Salary Reduction Questions:

For how long will my salary be reduced?

  • At this time, we do not know. The executive team will continue to monitor ICP Group finances and reevaluate this decision weekly. We believe the outcome from this measure will better position the company for a solid financial future.  

What happens to my benefits?

  • Your medical, dental, vision benefits will continue as is. During the time we have implemented salary reductions the company will pay the employee premium portion that normally is deducted from your paycheck. The employer HSA contribution will continue for those enrolled in the bronze medical plan.

Will my salary be restored at some point?

  • The executive team will continue to monitor ICP Group finances and reevaluate this decision weekly.

Will we be able to recoup our lost earnings?

  • This is an unprecedented situation that is changing every day. At this time, we do not know the economic and financial impact this will have on ICP Group. We will continue to monitor ICP finances and reevaluate all decisions.

Will I be asked, or can I work less since I am being paid a smaller amount?

  • We are asking all employees to work the required shifts and put in the same level of effort and performance as before the pay cuts.

Do I have to accept this?

  • You are an employee at-will and have the right to voluntarily resign from the company.

Can I collect unemployment if I quit?

  • This decision is not made by ICP. This is a decision made by the state unemployment departments. ICP only reports when and the reason the person left ICP. You will need to check with your local unemployment office.

Can I change my 401K withholding?

  • Yes, you need to go to You will need to make changes 8 days before payroll in order for it to be effective in that paycheck.

What other cost cutting measures have taken place?

  • The 3% employer contribution to your 401K has been suspended until further notice.